VSR Green Teak FSC® 100%

Due to its natural warm appearance, Teak is one of the most beautiful types of wood in the world, perhaps the most beautiful! However Teak from Asia is not undisputed and currently there are a lot of limits for importing into the EU.

That’s why van Styn embarked on a new path. Teak from the most beautiful and oldest plantations in South America, FSC 100% certified.

15.000 hectares have been planted and maintained. The results are impressive!

Our options

Sliced veneer available in: 0.6 mm – 1,4 mm and 2,4 mm.
Round logs cut into: 27 mm, 34 mm, 41 mm and 53 mm.
Deck strips available in: 10 x 40 mm, 12 x 48 mm and 15 x 48 mm.

The durability of Teak from South America was found to be class 1.

Does Teak belong to the past?
Not really since Van Styn offers a sustainable way and solution.

Think Green, Think Van Styn Green Teak and help to reduce the CO2 in the atmosphere.