About us

The solid foundation of veneer processing

Although we use state-of-the-art manufacturing methods, such as CNC driven machinery and a fully automated lacquering machine, traditional craftmanship in the field of veneer processing remains the solid foundation for a considerable part of our product range. This starts with purchasing the finest veneer species from across the world and thereafter being processed into the most beautiful veneered panels.

The production of our sandwich panels bears high tech properties. Although wood machining techniques are being used, high-quality plastics form the base material. Application for these sandwich panels include noise control and processing in lightweight constructional end products.

FSC® certified

Not only are we allowed to trade FSC certified wood, but our veneer production is also FSC certified.
We can manufacture a complete product according to the FSC standards.

1929 Ficar
1929 - 1958 Sheet material
1958 Name change
1995 Van Stijn Rijnwoude B.V
2002 Product development
2019 90 year anniversary
2021 Arrival of Vitap micro perforation
2021 Introduction VSR Green Teak

Team Van Styn

The people that accomplish your ideas and beautiful end products.

Gregor Wijkamp

Managing director / Owner

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Monique Wijkamp

Managing director

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Olaf van Tunen

Salesmanager / Export

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Fred Bruijnius

Sales / Export

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Martin Rhijnsburger

Front Office

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Ilona Degenkamp

Financial Administration

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Allison Dullaart

Office Staff

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